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What are SIP panels?

SIP – a structural insulating panel.Their technology is a high-performance construction method used in the construction of residential buildings and light construction commercial buildings.
It consists of a dense foam polystyrene sheet pressurized between two weatherproof OSB boards.

About our company

Our company engaged in the production of SIP panels, using licensed manufacturing technology. The main advantages of the company are quality and an individual, objective approach to each client and project. The company employs experienced workers, which guarantees that the project and work will be qualitatively implemented.

The vision of our company is to become an innovation leader in the production of SIP panels. The gained experience and extensive network of business partners allow us to offer our customers the best solutions to meet their individual needs.
SIP panels have become leaders in the construction industry and we are proud to be at the forefront of the efficient construction system. We always are ready to give professional answers to your questions.